And I'm not a robot I'm not a monkey I will not dance even if the beat's funky Opposite of lazy / far from a punk Ya'll ought to stop talking start trying to catch up motherfucker
Linkin Park, "When They Come For Me", from the album "A Thousand Suns", 2010
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Program committee on the conference 1st International Conference on Applied Informatics (ICAI) 2018 in Bogota. More...
Program committee on the conference Enterprise Computing Conference (EDOC) 2018 in Stockholm. More...
Program committee on the conference 20th IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) 2018 in Vienna. More...
Organizing the conference 19th Working Conference on Business Process Modeling, Development and Support (BPMDS) '18 in Tallinn. More...
Publication Jens Gulden, Iris Reinhartz-Berger, Rainer Schmidt, Sérgio Guerreiro, Wided Guédria, and Palash Bera (eds.), Enterprise, Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling -- 19th International Conference BPMDS 2018, 23rd International Conference EMMSAD 2018, Held at CAiSE 2018, Tallinn, Estonia, June 11?12, 2018, Proceedings, Springer, 2018. More...
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De/Vision, Concert on 2017-02-17 in Berlin
Clueso, Concert on 2017-02-05 in Berlin
Mesh, Concert on 2016-10-01 in Mannheim
Radiohead, Concert on 2016-09-11 in Berlin
New Order, Concert on 2016-09-10 in Berlin
Garbage, Concert on 2016-08-01 in New York
ZZ Top, Concert on 2016-07-11 in Cologne
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a-ha, Concert on 2016-04-26 in Cologne
Kraftwerk, Concert on 2015-11-26 in Cologne
Garbage, Concert on 2015-10-31 in Cologne
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Roxette, Concert on 2015-06-24 in Cologne
Camouflage, Concert on 2015-03-21 in Cologne
Erasure, Concert on 2014-12-04 in Cologne
Level 42, Concert on 2014-10-26 in London
Culture Club, Concert on 2014-10-21 in London
Bela B., Concert on 2014-09-01 in Ulm
Blumfeld, Concert on 2014-08-27 in Cologne
And One, Concert on 2014-03-16 in Cologne
Camouflage, Concert on 2014-02-08 in Dresden
Karl Bartos, Concert on 2014-01-25 in Cologne
Mesh, Concert on 2013-11-16 in Berlin
Elton John, Concert on 2013-09-05 in Berlin
Filter, Concert on 2013-08-22 in Cologne
Mesh, Concert on 2013-04-12 in Bochum
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Garbage, Concert on 2012-11-26 in Cologne
Selig, Concert on 2012-11-14 in Cologne
Ray Wilson, Concert on 2011-09-02 in Berlin
Erasure, Concert on 2011-06-27 in Berlin
Level 42, Concert on 2010-11-07 in Essen
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Genesis, Concert on 2007-07-03 in Berlin
Blumfeld, Concert on 2007-04-30 in Berlin
Camouflage, Concert on 2006-10-01 in Berlin
U2, Concert on 2005-07-07 in Berlin
Tool, Concert on 2002-05-21 in Berlin
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